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It all started for Curt with a dream of building his own custom cool Furniture a couple years out of high school in 2001. Wanting to educate himself with the tricks of every Upholstery/Leatherworker trade he has worked in Furniture, Auto and Marine Upholstery shops as well as a horse saddle shop and aircraft restoration shop! Gathering all he has learned as well as material sources across the globe he combines all these individual talents into every job he does. "The range in projects keeps my days interesting, I love redoing a 1950's Vintage Rocking Chair as much as recovering an old Harley Seat, Cars have always been an ongoing passion of mine and I study car magazines searching for cool ideas for customers projects...customers I haven't met yet..! Hah.."

The ongoing excitement and driven passion to be a part of helping turn your ideas to reality keeps Curt's own dream alive...

"I learn new tricks everyday, I find new inspiration everyday, The pat on the back after doing a good job keeps this whole thing goin', I want to get on building my chairs and I want them to be works of art...perfect in there own right.."

In the meantime he's here working on your projects and striving for perfection...

"there's no reason for wrinkles, its just the material's way of telling you your not done yet..." In the meantime he's become a trusted talented Upholsterer..."it's what I do"

Classic Cars getting complete Custom Interiors, Motorcycle Seats Custom Built from scratch, Vintage Barber Chairs getting new leather.... Whatever the wind blows in.... Curtwood Custom has got it covered...

For 15 years now Curt has been honing his skills and learning the tricks of the trade...Venturing down every avenue of the Upholstery world he has become a talented trusted Upholsterer with an answer for any Upholstery based question!

Car Interiors, Motorcycle Seats, Marine Interiors, Furniture Recovering as well! Any Upholstery based questions give us a call!

Keeping the lights on...